Information for Parents

Summary for Parents

Can't remember what LEAD stands for? Want more information on how you can help your child? This guide summarizes the instruction we give parents in the film, and provides some additional useful tips that parents can use to help them keep their child, and their families, happy, healthy and safe.

Quick Guide for Parents

This one page "cheat-sheet" summarizes the most important guidance from the film. Tape it to your mirror, leave it on your desk, or post it anywhere that you'll see it regularly. Review it as often as possible to make sure that you're remembering to do the right things for your child.

Additional Resources for Parents and Youth

Have more questions? Need more help with all this? Getting the most accurate information and the best support available is really important. So we've gathered information on organizations around the country who work to help youth and families stay healthy. Some of the organizations we describe focus on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues specifically. Others work with youth and families more generally to address other challenges.